TC inventories supplies the full range of inventory services that you may need. Details of our most common report types can be found below but if you have any special requests, please contact us to see if we can help. Reports are provided in PDF format with digital images sent in a ZIP folder. Bound paper copies of any reports, including images on CD, can be supplied for an additional cost.

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Inventory make

The purpose of an inventory is to detail the contents and condition of a property at the start of a tenancy. This report will be used as a baseline during the check-out procedure at the end of a tenancy to ascertain what damage has occurred during the tenancy and who is liable to pay for any repair. Consequently it is vital that the inventory be drafted accurately and clearly so as to minimise disputes at the check-out stage.

When an inventory make is booked with TC inventories a clerk will attend the property and create a full and detailed inventory on site. This inventory will provide descriptive and qualitative comments on the decorative condition, fittings and any furnishings in the property making note of any noticeable defects such as stains or tears.

Our reports are presented in a clear tabulated format. A summary page provides an overview which highlights any major defects at the start of the tenancy and draws attention to any areas that require attention. Numerous photographs are taken of the property, including detailed pictures of any notable damage to provide proof of what is said in the body of the report.

Click here for an example of one of our reports.

Inventory update

TC inventories can update any of the inventories it has previously created to cover any changes made between tenancies. A fresh set of photographs will be taken and included in the report. By booking an update you are provided with a fresh, accurate inventory at a lower price.

Inventory check-in

A check-in allows for the tenant and landlord to agree to all the comments made by the inventory clerk at the time of compilation. Following an inventory make, a TC inventories clerk will guide the tenant around the property, highlighting what defects have been noted and inviting the tenant/landlord to contribute any reasonable comments. These comments are then included in the report and a signature obtained agreeing that the tenant is satisfied with the contents of the report. By including a check-in with your inventory you ensure the parties agree with its contents and reduce the chance of the inventory being challenged at a later date. This makes the report more valuable for both landlord and tenant.

Book a simultaneous inventory make and check-in to receive a discounted price.


A check-out compares the condition of a property at the end of a tenancy with the inventory compiled at the start of the tenancy. A clerk will attend the property with a copy of the inventory and thoroughly check the property looking for any differences. A report is then drafted detailing any missing items and any damage that is noted. Damage is categorised as either a chargeable dilapidation or as being within the fair wear and tear that is expected given the nature and length of the tenancy. Photographs are taken of the whole property along with specific photographs that detail any damage.

A helpful summary page brings together any serious defects, missing items and areas that require maintenance or cleaning. This simplifies the process of calculating which dilapidations the tenant is responsible for. Click here for an example of one of our reports.


Where there is a long recurring tenancy, TC inventories can perform an independent inspection. This involves a clerk attending the property during the tenancy and reporting on its general condition, upkeep and whether there is any major damage. This report can highlight any problem tenants or difficulties that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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